We are a fully dimensional cloud platform

We are located in  Johannesburg, South Africa and we are committed to provide cloud services and information technology to enterprises in the global market.

Our Services

We provide generalized cloud computing service capabilities of platform-level mixed Cloud ICT services, and are committed to provide enterprise users with SAAS and cloud computing products and services that are autonomous,
controllable, neutral, reliable, excellent in performance, flexible and open.


Respect data sovereignty, neutral, secure, and trustworthy.

Leading Technology

Diversified cloud architectures and incomparable performance.


Use the collaborative ecosystem of device-pipeline-cloud, providing a fertile land in the smart world.

Our Features

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

Instead of expensive multiple direct links between carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), redundant peering points within Digital Parks Africa allows multiple networks to interconnect using carrier neutral Layer 2 Internet exchange points to increase redundancy, reduce latency and generally improve performance.

Latest innovation and design assist you in promoting your business for the future.

Products That Deliver

CloudCube Express

Platform deeply integrated with computing, storage, and network, helping enterprises get cloud services ready in one step.

Desktop Cloud

Quick construction of secure desktop office systems with high performance and low costs, boosting innovative transformation of various scenarios.


Enterprise-class app-centric distributed container platform built on Kubernetes.

Our Delivery Methods

Cloud services are formed with a unified technical architecture to meet the deployment requirements of private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud according to customer needs and a comprehensive industry cloud computing solution has been formed for multiple industry solution.

Easy Setup

Solutions That Transform

The latest innovations and designs to help drive your business into the future and beyond.

Financial Industry

Video Industry

E-Commerce Industry

Big Data

Our Partners

Cigo is the exclusive partner in Africa of Beijing QingCloud Technology Limited Company, providing generalized Cloud computing capabilities with platform-level mixed Cloud ICT services.