Financial Industry Solutions

Financial customers such as banks, and insurance, securities, and Internet finance companies are provided with secure, compliant, and reliable integrated solutions. Besides, we also strive to quickly deploy their services on the cloud, thereby improving their business innovation capabilities..

Business Challenges

Internet Finance

 Build secure and compliant financial application systems with high availability and low costs on the cloud for Internet finance customers, including P2P, small/micro-loan, crowdfunding, and credit platforms.


Financial Security and Compliance

Use various data protection systems, such as active migration, multi-copy storage, strategic backup, and disaster recovery, to ensure that systems and data meet industry requirements.

Dedicated Physical Isolation

Provide exclusive bare metal resources that are isolated from resources of other users, meeting the requirements for exclusive, secure, and compliant services in the financial industry.

Extremely Secure and Reliable

MySQL Plus supports the architecture of one master and multiple slaves, enabling master/slave deployment of multiple availability zones. Therefore, it meets requirements of financial services for high availability, data consistency, and business continuity.

Industry Certification

National Classified Protection of Information Security, Level 3; ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification; ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certification; Trusted Cloud Service; CMMI Level 3.