Video Industry Solutions

Cloud computing services are used to provide enterprises with one-stop video solutions from transmission, storage, to VOD and live broadcast.

Business Challenges

Universal Video

Provide video services including video transmission, video storage, video play, flexible scaling, and data analysis, which are widely applied to VOD, social applications, and online education scenarios.

Live Broadcast and Interactive Quizzes

Provide end-to-end one-stop solutions to live broadcast and interactive quizzes, applicable to scenarios such as interactive quizzes in WeChat Mini Programs, quiz applications in live broadcast, and multi-person quizzes.


Ultra-Low Latency

Provide CDN and high-speed BGP distribution networks, with the former guaranteeing a latency of 1s while the latter lowering the latency to hundreds of milliseconds.

Meeting Ultra-High Concurrency Needs

Use a multi-layer distributed architecture with all-dimensional coverage of massive CDN nodes, support dynamic resource scaling within seconds, and provide million-level ultra-high concurrency capabilities.

Massive Data Storage

Apply classified cold and hot data storage solutions, where QingStor™ is used to manage data that should be preserved for a long time, reducing video storage costs.

Optimized Cost Input

Support on-demand deployment of all cloud resources charged by second, meeting the requirements for on-demand supply and dynamic management while achieving optimized cost input.